About Us

Welcome to LA Tutoring Plus!

Freddie Kardous founded LA Tutoring Plus. He is a consultant in the education industry and enjoys explaining difficult concepts to others in a simple way. His viewpoints are established in evident and flexible education systems that concentrate on students' desires and customized learning styles. Feddie's simple teaching methods quickly brought attention as he was hired to be the private tutor for many college-level students suffering in various topics. With his modern vision of education, students were able to spend more time on their studies with a positive vision and passion to reach their career successfully.

LA Tutoring Plus’s mission is to support students in achieving their academic goals through a range of online programs that foster enhanced academic skills in math, science and foreign languages as well as create opportunities for leadership. Through the various methods of learning, our students will gain the confidence they need to fluidly move through their educational career.

Cheers to your success!