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Private Services

Individualized tutoring for various academic subjects via zoom or in person upon request. Each session lasts one hour and will address your area of concern. Our twist is based on goal-oriented method intended to meet our student's desires and bring better results to meet the expectations. Ongoing feedback will be provided in order for you to reach your desired goal.

Group sessions

For a more interactive experience, this allows for up to three students via zoom or in person to collaborate and achieve a similar goal. More ideal for students that are in the same grade and class level.

Curriculum Review

Focused on facilitating the application process for individuals looking to achieve a Bachelors Degree and/or a Post-Graduate degree. This includes an overview of academic achievements, extra curricular activities, internship and volunteering experience. Benefit the individual to become a better candidate and have a stronger focus to approach & transition into the right path.

Post-Graduate Assistance

Focused on reviewing personal statements and secondary application essays for individuals that are applying to medical school, pharmacy school and masters in science programs. To be facilitated by a physician and/or pharmacist.

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